Where is the beginning? If I knew that I may have a chance at starting …

Every Sunday night… Without fail, I have Sunday night resolutions with myself. This week I will….eat less, exercise more…. Stop being frightened of the post. Yes letters make me feel sick…I don’t have panic attacks anymore but letters.. In the letter box…..are enough to send my heart rate into next year.
And by Tuesday they’d have usually disappeared into the paroxysm of my life. The Letters? No, my resolutions….. Too much to do. Keep me job. Feed everyone. Dust… Really dust? At least dust doesn’t frighten me.

I didn’t initially set out to write a blog. I set out to actually change something in my life. Not huge ground breaking stuff just things I would like to DO something about. Like that chewing gum stuck to your shoe. But every week I failed. And I do this for a living….. Not much use then am I? But me… I am like everyone else too. Just like you.

But I do know why I fail and I know how to do something about it. So why am I not? I pondered this for quite a while….. And in the end I was quite taken a back at the answer. Its down to worth. If I was coaching myself I would say ‘Change takes investment.’ If I want to change me I have to invest in me. If I am not investing in me I obviously don’t think I am worth it! Drat…. Thought I had conquered that one. Apparently not!

Depressing really. But very real. No L’Oreal ad here. Am I worth more than a £7.99 hair colour? That’s their investment. What is mine how much do I need to invest and why do I not think I am worth it…

How much investment do I need to make? Right I better look at what I want to change and the gap between where I am now and where I want to be. And work out what needs my investment and how much time it will take…. Am I worth it? I dam well hope so. Are you?

So if you are here with me chose two things you want to change. That’s all for now just chose. Next week I am going to remind myself why change by myself is so hard…I need to remember what we do to ourselves because of the way we are programmed by evolution and our culture…..it’s not my fault it hard. But once I know what I am changing and how much I need to invest I can at least start those resolutions on Sunday with more power….

Oh.. and I know its Tuesday…. I just didn’t have the courage to post Sunday because saying it to you means doing it…


Hello world!

I spend my life aiding and abetting large companies to change.  Changing how their people work.  Just Change.  Every single day I discuss how it is people, individuals, that change organisations not organisations that change people.   I am continually asked one question and one question only.  How do I change me?  Yes, me?  What I show people is that change is not easy; wow that’s new!  Change and your ability to change is not down to how hard you try.  You as an individual have been ‘wired’ by both evolution and your culture to not manage change easily by yourself; if at all.  Its NOT YOUR FAULT you failed.  And by knowing how you have been ‘programmed’ gives you the keys to unlocking your ability to change. Yes you.

This whole blog is dedicated two things, the practical elements you CAN DO to change and my own journey.  As it is about time that I STOPPED just helping organisations to do this, but I help anyone and do it myself.